Thursday, May 27, 2010

Deer Hunt Committee Shot Down

For now the Morgantown Deer Hunt Committee recommendation to kill the deer in Morgantown neighborhoods has been 'shot down'. Thanks to the citizens that came to council chambers denouncing the committee City Council did not act. No one spoke in favor of the killing. In fact it is hard to find anyone who supports the deer killing that is not on the committee that is made up of mostly hunters. The committee chairman is an avid bow hunter and writes articles about killing deer. The committee seems to have completely mishandled their charge. It was speculated and reported in the Dominion Post that the committee had a predetermined conclusion and was only going though the public meeting process to appease. Morgantown citizens however were not fooled and called out the committee on multiple occasions and it all climaxed with the committee being exposed as bias, incompetent and lacking due diligence in their decision making. For now the deer are safe from being slaughtered while they sleep, eat and play in our backyards but be sure that those who see these animals as a 'problem' will continue to call for their killing.