Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morgantown, WV in the News

Nightly News with Brian Williams, NBC, March 2009

CNN 'Island in a sea of Appalachia', March 2009

Woodburn Association of Neighbors Welcomes New Officers

Election of new officers // Slate of officers:

. Donna Hartman—President
. Steve Gunno—Vice President
. Tamara Riegel—Treasurer
. Susan Eason—Secretary

Slate nominated and seconded. Passed on voice vote.

Other Updates:

a. Larger Woodburn sign is under construction, will be ready for Spring installation.

b. City block grant: Chris Van Dyke and Susan Eason met with Dave Bott; Woodburn neighborhood’s plans were submitted.

c. Beautification commission will prepare Roger’s beauty spot for spring planting. Julie Lattanzi will coordinate.

d. Housing authority met with several Woodburn residents to discuss purchases in the area and discuss an incentive for voluntary owner-occupied deed restriction. (WAN will prepare a letter in support of that.) Also: asbestos abatement scheduled for property at Dayton/Richwood intersection on Saturday with a scheduled February 21 demolition. Jessie Reckert will attend our next meeting to discuss all of this.

e. Neighborhood brochure is back from the printer. (A copy was handed around for examination.) Still needs to be cut. Thanks to Mark Furfari and Ron Justice to contributions that covered printing costs.

f. Neighborhood Coordinating Council report. A “Special Services Unit” has been created by Police Chief Scott to address trash, underage drinking, and over-occupancy. City is considering a new “Nuisance Party House ordinance” that would track repeat complaints about a property by school year. WVU off-campus housing is implementing a voluntary Gold Star rental rating system that landlords can try to meet.

Plans for a Spring Clean-Up Day are in the works.