Friday, December 14, 2007

Next meeting : Monday January 14, 2008

The January meeting brings the time to elect new officers to the WAN. Susan indicated that she would not be a candidate for president again. Suggestions and volunteers for the new executive board are encouraged.

November Meeting Minutes have been posted.

The top news from the last meeting is posted below. Refer to the Nov. minutes for more information.

The Future of Woodburn Elementary School

Woodburn is the oldest school in the area and the only true neighborhood school. It has 230 students and the neighborhood is growing. We would like to get people thinking about what we would like to have happen in the future with the school. The timing is crucial—Woodburn could be a future candidate for closure. Some possible future scenarios include closing the school and busing local students to Mountainview or elsewhere, refurbishing the school (quite a challenge), or rebuilding Woodburn adjacent to the current building. Rebuilding money could come from state SBA money so it would not be tied to a new bond levee. The Suggested goal is building a new school on current property. Local participation in the process is encouraged!

Woodburn Playground Fundraiser: The school needs some new playground equipment and some has been selected. To make this a reality, around $20,000 must be raised. Centra Bank and developer Mike Castle have offered some support. We are looking for support from neighborhood members. We will send letters to all business owners in the neighborhood, including downtown and the Mileground. (A suggestion to include Chestnut Ridge hospital is offered.) The board of education has given an amount of about half what is needed ($10,000) based on the number of students at Woodburn and also contributed a large amount of mulch. Some money is also expected to come from a fundraiser in which cards and prints of Woodburn made by Jeannie Gren will be sold.