Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great Fall Festival

Dear Woodburn Neighbors:

It was good to see so many folks out at the Fall Festival. A huge thank you to Karen Woodfork. Thanks too to Joel Halverson for some prearrangements and Steve Gunno for the great work on the Newsletter and signs! It was great to welcome many new faces to the neighborhood event as well.

Our next business meeting will be Monday, November 5 at 7:00 pm. We are arranging for Mike Stone, head of Code Enforcement to be with us. Mark your calendars now. Below are minutes of our last meeting.

Again, what a great time at the party. Thanks everyone.
Susan Eason, Pres.

Woodburn Association of Neighbors
Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 13, 2007, 7:00 PM
Crosley’s Banquet Center

Attendees: Anna Avakian, Paul Atkins, Anthony Barker, Susan Eason, Steve Gunno, Joel Halverson, Eric Hansmann, Ron Justice, Bob Merow, Anne Miller, Paul Miller, Tamara Riegel, Jeanette Shahan,
Louise Taft, Karen Woodfork.

Susan Eason called meeting to order and those present introduced themselves. Minutes were approved, with one spelling correction and one other change.

Susan began with a note of thanks to those who helped install the new Woodburn signs in thetime since the last meeting. (Jamie and Everett Lester, Griffin, Paul, and Betsy Miller, SusanEason, Chris, Logan and Amelia Haddox, Julie, Patrick and Katherine Zuercher-Kirby, and PeteCheesebrough helped with the big sign on Richwood and Monongalia, and Jamie Lester, PaulMiller, Steve Gunno, Jenny and Nathan Wilson and Evan, Ted and Buffy Vehse helped with thesmall sign on Charles.)

1. Noise, Trash and Vandalism Concerns:
- Paul Miller described the Monongalia and Willey tire slashings that occurred overnight on July 11-12 in the neighborhood. Other recent vandalism involved eggs thrown at cars. All neighbors were encouraged to be vigilant and report suspicious activity.

- Talk of communication with the city led to some follow-up on the poorly kept property complaint expressed last time about 829 Richwood. (It is known that disability is not the cause of the problem.) No letter was sent on behalf of the WAN, due to confusion about which house and some skepticism about the effectiveness of the letter. If the home occupant rents, Ron Justice confirmed that information about home owners is available from the city. The city can out put information on whole streets at a time if given some time. Any city resident can file a complaint online about code enforcement (or other) issues. It was suggested that WAN members fill out complaints about 829 Richwood if they agree is a problem. We can also draft a letter to the owner/occupant/city if we later choose to try that avenue.

- Some concern shared about noise from the 4th of July party, but since it was only a one-time event, with a permit, concern was mild.

- With new students arriving, the suggestion was made to call police at the earliest real problem to avoid establishing a bad precedent for unacceptable behavior for the new neighbors.

2. Fall Social Event:
• Date: changed from Saturday September 8 to September 15, 2007.
• Where: Whitmore Park
• Organizing Committee appointed included: Karen Woodfork, Steve Gunno, Joel Halverson, Anthony Barker.
• Louise Taft agreed to supply paper products and Jenny Wilson has previously agreed to provide some music.

3. Request Regarding the Woodburn signs:
• Can we replace the smaller one with a larger sign and move the smaller one to Woodburn School?
• We can ask the city for more money in two months or so.
• Discussion about flowers and maintenance led to a suggestion that the city beautification group or the WVU landscape architecture program might be able to take on the project or suggest a good, low maintenance plan. Ron Justice describes similar beauty spots in Suncrest, Hogback Turn, near Colasante’s, and in Wiles Hill.
• He suggests a possibility: City pays for first planting, neighbors do upkeep, and perhaps it could be added to city’s summer watering list. City contact would be Marchetta Maupin.

4. Newsletter:
• We plan to distribute a newsletter prior to the social event.
• Steve Gunno will help organize.

5. Update on Letter Requests:
• A letter was sent to Mrs. Nakaishi regarding the new school building. That decision
has been made and won’t involve closing the Parsons Street.
• A letter was sent to Boparc including suggestions (from last meeting) for improvingWhitmore Park. These suggestions were appreciated.
• The letter of complaint was not sent. (Details above.)

6. Other Business:
• Ron Justice updates:
• Tire damage totaled about 60 total cars over three days in at least twoneighborhoods, both near major roads.
• Social event: The city can help with porta-johns.
• Think about how the WAN might be able to thank Mark and Karen Furfari for use of their space.
• Next: Social event, 9/15
• Next meeting: Monday, November 5.