Wednesday, June 27, 2007

End of June - Early July Activities

Here are a few reminders and opportunities coming up in the neighborhood.

1. The Roosevelt Ave. Yard Sale is THIS Saturday, June 30. The residents of Roosevelt Avenue (off of Charles Ave.) will hold their annual yard sale so stop by and check it out.

2. Woodburn Signs- Thank you to everyone who came out to help install the Woodburn sign at Richwood and Monongalia (Jamie, Everett Lester; Griffin, Paul, Betsy Miller; Susan Eason, Chris, Logan and Amelia Haddox; Julie, Patrick and Katherine Zuercher-Kirby; Pete Cheesebrough!) It looks fantastic, don't you think? We hope to add flowers around it. Let us know if you want to help with that.
One more sign needs to be installed on Charles Avenue and we are about ready to go. Jamie is looking at next week some time. We'll let you know specifics as they are worked out so maybe you can come out and help.

3. Mario's Fishbowl 4th of July Party- Mario's Fishbowl will host a 4th of July Party in the Backyard/Lot at Mario's Fishbowl. The party starts at 3:00 PM and ends at Midnight. There will be live music by Joe Hall and High Country (country rock) as well as karoke and amplified music going throughtout the day and evening. They will be cooking food outdoors and offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for sale. There will be some fun things for the kids who stop by during the day. The neighborhood is invited and encouraged to attend. Spread the word!

4. Dishwashing Job Available- Help Needed Immediately! Do you need a part time job? Karen Fufari of the Fish Bowl could use you. "We were awarded the contract to cater the Emma Kaufmann Camp this summer and we're searching high and low for kids to dishwash as a summer job. We are feeding roughly 450 kids breakfast, lunch, dinner and camper snack 7 days a week. There are day shifts and evening shifts. The pay is $7 per hour." says Karen. Interested? E-mail Karen at

Thanks everyone.

Susan (Questions? e-mail me)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Suggested Improvements to Whitemore Park

Dear Neighbors:
I wanted to let you know of a few things that have transpired since our meeting.

1. Woodburn Signs- The Woodburn signs are finished as you know. See what the the large sign looks like! Jamie Lester has met with the city and identified the spot where the sign on Richwood and Monongalia will be located. Many thanks to Jamie for his good work, he has been doing this for over a year now!

2. Letters Sent Out on Behalf of Woodburn Assoc. Two letters have been sent out based on discussions at our meeting. The first to Woodburn principal, Mrs. Nakaishi and the other to BoParc Staff and Commissioners. It looks like Mrs. Nakaishi and the BOE are not going to pursue closing Parsons St. The building will be put behind the Kindergarten classes. Parking may still be an issue that we in the future may want to address with the BOE.

3. MUB is wanting to do an educational event with Woodburn Neighborhood some time this summer or early fall. With residents, they want to mark the storm drains that dump directly into the creeks and rivers in our area. I'll keep you posted on further developments. This could be an educational event for us all, but especially the teens and children.

4. The Annual Woodburn Fall Party will be in Whitemore Park, set for sometime in September. We're looking for people to help coordinate the event. We need music, food, activities for teens and children, plus adults, etc. If you want to help, please let me know. Send me an e-mail:!

Thank you, Susan