Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Next Meeting is Sunday January 28 at 6PM

Dear Woodburn Neighbors:
Last Sunday's scheduled meeting had to be postponed due to the weather. We have now set a new meeting time for our Annual Association meeting for this Sunday, January 28 at 6:00 pm. (Please note we are starting a little bit later to accomdate folks who watch or go to the basketball game!) We will meet at Crosley's as usual.
We will not be distributing flyers for the event, so any help you can make in spreading the word to your neighbors would be appreciated. We will be voting on officers, receiving annual dues ($5.00 per adult), and preparing for spring activities! Please plan to attend and bring your neighbor!
See the proposed agenda below. Look forward to a good crowd.
Susan Eason

Woodburn Association of Neighbors Meeting Agenda, January 28, 2007, 6:00 pm

  • Welcome and Sign-In
  • Approval of October minutes (read below)
  • Election of Officers

Planning for spring events:

  • Clean- Up Day for April 21? Earth Day collaboration with BoParc.
  • Social Day- Pot Luck at Woodburn School? Have police do talk about their police dogs for the kids
  • Officer Karl from Neighborhood watch, etc. May?
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale- June?

Please use sign-up sheets to indicate your willingness to help.


  • Blue Line parking- Paul Miller
  • Woodburn School Playground- Susan Eason
  • Signs- Jamie Lester
  • Downtown Development Plan- Susan Eason
  • R1 and R1A zoning
  • Crime Report
  • Next meeting date
  • Collection of dues, $5.00 per person given to the treasurer.
  • Other business

Highlights of Last Woodburn Association of Neighbors Meeting, October 22, 2006

  • WAN By-Laws approved
  • Tamara Riegel presented information on the School Levy
  • “How to Start a Neighborhood Watch” information was distributed
  • Street and Code Enforcement issues were raised
  • Spring social gathering and clean-up day will be scheduled

The Purpose of the Woodburn Association of Neighbors
As recently stated in our Woodburn Bylaws, “The purpose of this organization shall be to build neighborliness and to promote goodwill, pride and cooperation amongst residents and property owners of the area; to preserve and improve the quality of living and residential character of Woodburn; to represent the collective interests of neighbors, and to address the needs in the community such as traffic, litter, and security.”

Some ways we have thought to do this are:
1. Hold regular Woodburn Association of Neighbors meetings (at least quarterly or more often as needed).
2. Install signs to identify the neighborhood.
3. Offer block parties and social events for neighbors to meet and mingle.
4. Hold regular Clean-Up Days, Work Days-In-Whitemore Park, Work Days at Woodburn School.
5. Work to support our neighborhood school, Woodburn Elementary.
6. Work to reduce problems with poorly maintained or vacant homes, crime, traffic and general aesthetics of the area.
7. Work to ensure Woodburn remains walkable to Downtown, the PRT and the rail trail among other areas.

New Woodburn Signs to be Installed
At the second Woodburn Association of Neighbors meeting, those members present voted on a design for two marker signs to be placed in our neighborhood. The signs are under construction now and should be ready to be put in place in early spring. One sign will be placed on Richwood in the triangle area (or what is know to the city as “The Beauty Spot”) just below Monongalia Avenue. The other will be placed on Charles Avenue on the right side of the road just uphill from the intersection of Willey, Hampton and Charles Streets.
We will need volunteers to help plant flowers around the base of the signs once they are in place. If you are interested, please contact Susan Eason by phone at (304) 296-2415.

Voice Neighborhood Concerns with Morgantown Request 24/7
Do you have concerns about a streetlight being out, a vacant run-down home near you, dogs not leashed? An easy way to register those complaints or any others and to follow their progress is by using the city’s website. Go to the City of Morgantown's Online Communication System and “Create an Account.” Once your information is entered you will be able to click on specific categories of concern and enter your problem or request. It is an easy, efficient way to let the city know what is going on anytime of the day or night. We encourage you to try it!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zoning Meeting Workshop on Wed. January 24

The workshop, concerning the proposed B-4 Neighborhood Preservation Overlay District, will be held at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall.
[ Download the full description here. ] It's a pdf file.

Consider going and participating for at least two reasons:

1. The topic to be discussed will affect the future development of downtown Morgantown and the wharf area. In other words, the personality of Morgantown and what it might become.

2. The city has been asked to let the neighborhoods voice their opinion and influence the decision making process.

There are assuredly other demands for our time, and this meeting won't solve all of our problems, but it makes for a good beginning. I hope to see you there.

Note: if you cannot view the pdf file upbove, download Adobe® Reader® free.

Bill Kawecki
President, South Park Association of Neighbors, SPAN
e-mail: Bill.Kawecki@NETL.DOE.GOV