Thursday, November 30, 2006

Public Information and Input Meeting
2030 Regional Transportation Plan
Thursday, Nov 30

Do you have an opinion on traffic in and around Morgantown or a concern for how it will affect future growth? Express your concerns at the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting this Thursday, November 30th. Make your voice heard.

The Greater Morgantown Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and its member organizations will be hosting the fourth in a series of public input meetings for the update of the multimodal long range transportation plan.

What:Public Information and Input Meeting for the 2030 Regional Transportation Plan

When: Thursday, November 30, 2006 6:30 PM
Where: Durrett Hall, Erickson Alumni Center, Fine Arts Drive (close to the WVU Rec Center on Evansdale Campus)

Topics to be covered as part of the meeting include:

• revisions to the preliminary recommendations provided at the October 4, 2006 Public Information Meeting
• review of the key recommendations for the roadway, bike and pedestrian and transit systems
• next steps in the plan update process

For More information call: Chet Parsons, MPO Executive Director, at 291-9571

Thank you,
Bill Troe
URS Corporation
(866) 671-5309 (Toll Free)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Meeting on the development of the downtown area of Morgantown, WV - November 13

The City is hosting a meeting on the development of the Downtown area at the Hotel Morgan on Monday November 13 at 5:30. The City Manager sent a open invitation which follows, to all interested parties.

As we have discovered, development of the Downtown area can have a significant impact on the quality of life in our neighborhood. I encourage you to attend. Please respond to my e-mail address at Bill.Kawecki@NETL.DOE.GOV so I can give the City manage a count.

Yours Truly,

Bill Kawecki - SPAN President

From Dan Boroff:

As you know, this past summer significant interest was expressed in the future development of Downtown Morgantown.

Many different concerns expressed firm opinions about the scope and scale of potential projects. To help organizes these perspectives and establish a general consensus to guide the future development of the Downtown, City Council will be hosting an important meeting on November 1 3, 2006 at the Hotel Morgan. The meeting will have the following features:

  • 1. To provide a common base of information, short presentations will be made about the City's Comprehensive Plan; existing zoning laws; status of infrastructure to include parking; and WVU plans that may have an impact on the Downtown.

  • 2. Participants will be organized into small groups to develop goals, aspirations, suggested projects, visions for the Downtown.

  • 3. The attendees will reconvene and all the groups' ideas will be presented, discussed, and explored for a potential consensus of opinion.

  • 4. Results will be reported to the City's Planning Commission and City Council.

Given the importance of this meeting, the City asks that you help publicize it and encourage interested members of your organization to attend. The City is also hopeful that you will be able to report how many people from your group will plan to attend so that the appropriate logistical support for the meeting can be arranged.

Thank you for your consideration of the request and I look forward to you hopefully being able to attend the meeting. During the interim, if you should have any questions or need additional information, please call upon me at once.


Dan Boroff - City Manager